Nov 6, 2011

The Planet Orders All CERN Scientists to “Either Prove Rossler Wrong or Go to Jail”

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I am aware that the a-priori probability of my being right with the above statement is negligible – were it not for the fact that my results stay un-disproved for 4 years as natural corollaries to Einstein’s “happiest thought.”

(To witness: Einstein saw that on a lower floor, all clocks are slowed-down. I was able to add that they also are proportionally enlarged in size and reduced in mass and in charge. From this corollary it follows that “black holes” – hoped to be produced at CERN – arise more readily; do not Hawking-evaporate; are undetectable at CERN; and grow exponentially inside earth.)

All my competent critics – including Hermann Nicolai of the Albert-Einstein-Institut and Nobel laureate Gerard ‘t Hooft – fell silent long ago. But notwithstanding the proof of danger and detector blindness lying on the table, CERN went ahead for more than a year risking “panbiocide” (Hilgartner) through inadvertently planting an at first undetectable bomb into earth.

The planet is now in the wake-up phase. In this phase, an added danger arises: a Khmer-rouge-like world-wide reflex against science and Europe. This danger it would be wise to keep under the rug – were it not for the fact that CERN has announced to boost up the risk next year.

Therefore, dear CERN and Europe: please, apologize to the planet. Or else prove me wrong, as no one hopes for more dearly than I do.


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  1. Peter Howell says:

    You have been proven wrong. So shut the f*** up!

  2. What do you say, Steve?

  3. A question out of curiosity: How come Mr. Peter Howell’s gentlemanly reply was in within ten seconds of my posting?

    His lightning speed opens up hopes that he will also be able to give the reference the world is waiting for.

  4. Bronislaw Kruk says:

    Their is do daubt that Otto E. Rossier is perfectly correct in his statements even Einstein would have no difficulty with the findings of todays science to agree with Otto E. Rossier. The Earths Magnetic Fieldl will be a visible indicator . Normally and with hind sight those who use four letter adjectives find them selves to be wrong. ( just remember Copernicus and the ordeal he went through not forgetting CERN and the new problem with the speed of light)

  5. AnthonyL says:

    Mr Howell is a psychologist, so it may be hoping for too much to expect him to advance scientific argument.

    But surely he should try?