Sep 10, 2019

How Japan can win in the ongoing AI war

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

However, Japan’s adoption of the subsequent generation of online-to-offline and platform services has lagged many other parts of the world, most notably that of China. This lag is a barrier to AI leadership because consumer use of these services yields data that is central to training the next generation of AI-based systems.

Granted, many factors have contributed to this lag. Unlike China and India, Japan has had a vibrant homegrown mass-market consumer culture for at least a generation, and new models of consumption may thus be adopted more gradually. Regulatory barriers have perhaps slowed the adoption of services like Uber and Doordash.

Many platform-based services have an alternative model of brand accountability wherein the brand shares quality responsibility with unbranded individual providers. This may lead to a guarantee of quality and corporate accountability lower than what Japanese consumers are accustomed to.

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