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Doug Kaye

The BusinessWeek article Geekdom’s New Clearinghouse: IT Conversations’ free downloads of key info-tech conferences from across the globe are drawing a growing audience said

When Doug Kaye posted recordings of interviews he had done for a book on Web services in June, 2003, he had no idea that this personal project would turn into a 40-person operation.
Today, tens-of-thousands of faithful downloaders visit the It Conversations to hear tech-related conferences and interviews. In a survey of BusinessWeek Online readers, IT Conversations topped nine other candidates as the best podcasting Web site devoted to podcasts.
Kaye says his goal is to widen discussion on the tech conference themes by making information available to everyone. Most conference heads, says Kaye, want the same thing he does.
“The conferences that don’t work with us lose the chance to influence people on a much larger scale,” Kaye explains. “The physical audience is a small percentage of the potential audience — they might have 300 to 400 people at a conference. By not publishing content for free, they are missing a lot of influence, and I think a lot of conference people really care about influence more than making a few thousand dollars from registration or publication fees.”
Kaye says his staff enhances the usefulness of search engines by including descriptions and photos rather than just audio. “That way, people can link to, and search for, text. And that brings us a lot more traffic,” says Kaye.

Doug Kaye is founder and Executive Director of The Conversations Network where he and his team offer thousands of podcasts of conference sessions, lectures and interviews on technology, social entrepreneurship, media, philanthropy, sustainability, the environment and more.
One of the best features is the eclectic collection of in-depth interviews — it includes a discussion with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, post-9/11 security criticism from cryptography and computer security guru Bruce Schneier, and a chat with Ben Saunders, the first person to trek solo across the Arctic Ocean from Siberia to the North Pole.
Doug authored Loosely Coupled: The Missing Pieces of Web Services, Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services, Go to a PodCamp, Media Conversations Launches, Major Updates to Flash Player Audio and Video, Recording Skype Interviews, Radio Open Source on Hiatus, Facebook is Kicking Butt, Twitter is Trivial, Spam Filtering, Amazon Goes Wholesale, The Algebra of Quality (Part 1), Forward to the Past, Amazon for Infrastructure-on-Demand, and IT Conversations Top Ten.
He earned a B.A. with Honors in Dramatic Art from the University of California, Berkeley. He did postgraduate work at the New York University (Institute of Film and Television).
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