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Jimmy Adams

Jimmy Adams grew up in an organic farming community near the Little Calumet River in Indiana. In the winter he noticed that some fish were frozen in the water as he ice skated. He wondered if the fish were dead or alive.
Years later in Costa Mesa, California he saw a TV show where someone was wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in a metal cylinder. The show ended before he got the name of the company. But he remembered it was about time travellers or something like that.
A few years later, after moving back to the Chicago Land area, he attended Purdue Calumet University for Construction Technology and noticed a contest on the cover of Omni Magazine in the bookstore. He wrote a piece called “Letter to the Children of the Future”, but it lost. However, he did learn the name of the cryonics company. :)
The job market was bad in Indiana so a year later he moved to Alabama. He found a stable job and was able to afford the life insurance required to join Alcor (1993). In 2010, because of financial concerns, he switched to the Cryonics Institute. Today (2011) he became a Lifetime Suspension Member.
His mom said that he was born “broken”. He nearly died several times as a baby at the Naval Hospital in South Carolina. When his parents moved to Indiana, he had to go to special speech classes. He was encouraged to read aloud to help develop speech skills. He read the great classics, literature, and even science fiction. It didn’t work, but he became interested in science and culture.
In high school he got a job as a nurse’s aide. He got in the Junior Honor Society. He also helped with the Civil Defense in the summer. Over the years, he has worked as a Journeyman Motor Inspector for a steel mill. He has also worked in plastics, worked at a blueprint shop, worked for Disneyland, etc. Today he works as a Microbiology Lab Technician for the food industry.
He has an Associate Degree in Agricultural Education from Snead State Community College (1996). He hopes to someday return to college for a Bachelor degree in Biology.
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