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Tim Swast

Tim Swast is Software Engineer at Google.
His specialties include software development, video game development, Python, C++, C#, HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript (Flash), mathematics, and data visualization.
Tim authored Finding Gray codes with backtracking in Python, Why are collections of computer code called libraries?, An introduction to Markov chains, Quadratic Equations in Physics, A demonstration of the law of large numbers, Creating a new form of digital ownership, Introducing Locoloco: The Little Engine that Didn’t, An Exploration of Chaos in Neural Networks, Hexadecimal Numeral Names, and Coordinate Systems Matter. Read the full list of his publications!
Tim was previously Associate Software Engineer at Oracle, Human Computer Interaction Undergraduate Research Intern at Iowa State University, and Software Development Intern at Logos.
Read his blog. Read his GitHub profile, and his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.
Tim studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He earned his B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011.