Lifeboat Podcast for iTunes

The intent of this proposal is to develop an entertaining and informative commercial for Lifeboat Foundation that will be a free podcast on iTunes.


This podcast will need $5,000 to be completed.


Mark Ricketts has been a designer, illustrator, cartoonist, art director, and creative writer for the last 30 years.
Mark has served as Art Director for Healthcare Magazine, The Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the High Tech Fitness Research Institute and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
As an illustrator/designer, his clients have included Playboy magazine, The University of Illinois, Island Pictures/Taft Entertainment, Zanhausen Designs, Checkered Past Records and August House Books.
As a comic book artist/writer he has had works published by Caliber Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Chaos! Comics, Mojo Press and, most recently, Image Comics.
Mark was the winner of the Klasky-Csupo (Rugrats, Wild Thornberries, Duckman) script writing competition for 2000 and worked on point of purchase campaigns for Canfields Beverages, Jolt Cola, and Cajun Cola.
He was the voice of “Little Bear” for the children’s recording “The Cumulus Cuties Christmas.”

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