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Aaron Matthew Wall

The Computerworld article New Google tool aims to provide more insight into online searches said

Google Inc. yesterday rolled out a new tool that it said can help marketing and advertising users better analyze Internet search patterns, while also adding new tools such as a “heat map” for graphically displaying search volumes and other data.
Aaron Wall, a search engine optimization consultant who writes a blog called “SEO Book”, said in a post that Insights for Search should be useful for analyzing the relationships between generic search concepts and more specific ones, as well as measuring how news coverage and business developments change the relative importance of different keywords.
Marketing and public relations workers will be able to use the graphs that can be created with Insights for Search “to say, ‘Hey, our brand is catching up with the market leader,’” Wall wrote. Rather than brand lift and PR lift being an abstract concept, we can compare brands in real time and see which markets resonate with our brands and marketing.”
And when analysis of search patterns shows that marketing strategies are working well, companies can consider trying to boost their early successes with offline advertising or live events in the most receptive markets, he said.

Aaron Matthew Wall is an aggressive and creative viral marketer who thinks of the Web in terms of how ideas spread, is a leading figure in Search Engine Marketing and SEO. Aaron literally wrote the book on search engine optimization: SEO Book. SEO Book is quite possibly the most authoritative work on SEO strategies and practices currently available.
Aaron also blogs from, where he reviews search engine strategies, offers some great SEO tools, comments on industry trends, and interviews leaders in the field of search marketing.
Over the last couple years, websites he owns and Aaron himself have been mentioned in niche online and print marketing publications like iMediaConnection and Marketing News, as well as popular tech sites like Slashdot and TechCrunch, right on through to large mainstream news publications like The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Wired, USA Today, BusinessWeek, Business2.0, Time Magazine, The Register, MSNBC, and The Guardian.
Some of his other projects, like his search engine, have been referenced by college libraries and given awards like the JournalismNet pick of the week. He also was a founder of the blog review network ReviewMe, but sold his interest in that company in early 2007.
In addition to blogging, speaking at conferences, and participating in many search marketing communities, he consults for clients large and small. He has a vested interest in a wide array of websites that allow him to keep an eye on both the free and paid sides of search.
Having literally written the book on search engine optimization he knows the industry inside out. His book has been used as course text for MBA classes and he has spoken at industry conferences and schools about search engine optimization and internet marketing. rates SEO as being one of the top 10,000 most popular websites.
Aaron authored How Search Engines Work: Search Engine Relevancy Reviewed, TrustRank: A link evaluation system based on boosting sites with links from known trusted sources, and Link Spam Detection Based on Mass Estimation.
Aaron and his friends have put together many free search engine optimization tools. His favorites include:

  • Hub Finder – good link analysis tool for finding hub sites which may be good targets to request links from
  • SEO for Firefox – modifies search results to show marketing data inline with the results
  • SEO Book Keyword Research Tool – driven off Overture, this tool cross references just about every useful keyword research tool on the market.
Listen to his Wall Street Journal interview. Watch SEO Book Keyword Research Tutorial Video, Advice from Aaron Wall on SEO Tracking Software, and SEO Book (By Aaron Wall) Review.