Advisory Board

Aaron Vallance

Aaron Vallance is President of BitSpot.
BitSpot is a bitcoin company that is dedicated to improving your experience. Their mission is to remove the obstacles from buying and selling bitcoin while making it easier and faster for people to get involved. They are developing state of the art solutions to the headaches and hassles that are involved when dealing with the bitcoin market. Their implementations range from instant liquidity while transacting in/out of bitcoin to placing options on the future market price of bitcoin.
Starting as an early visionary in bitcoin, Aaron has seen the best and worst moments the bitcoin world has had to offer. He began trading bitcoins as a hobby in a small peer-to-peer environment, then not long after, he quit his day job to pursue his dream of bringing bitcoin to the masses. He studied at Ohio State University where he earned his Associate’s degree in Business Management in 2009.
Aaron was doing consulting work and managing his family’s local business before diving full-time into bitcoin. He’s happily married and enjoys convincing his wife that bitcoin is going to revolutionize the financial industry and he’s going to help do it.
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