Advisory Board

Adam Poulton

Adam Poulton was born in beautiful Tasmania, Australia, and raised in the distant lands of Papua New Guinea. He returned to his sun-filled, Tasmanian origins in 1988, where he now resides. Adam is a Founding Board Member and President of the Bitcoin Association of Australia.
Adam is a shining example of forward thinking at its finest. On the cusp of the most innovative technology in over a decade, with far reaching influences across every industry, it is quite eminent that Adam has the foresight to recognize opportunity, and seize it while within the range of potential. Such bright minds themselves being a rarity, his ambition and impressive track record speak for themselves. It is likely that his diversified upbringing contributed towards this exceptional drive for perfection.
He holds a degree in Applied Science from the University of Tasmania, and is self-taught in Austrian economics. He therefore understands the role of exchange, and the ways in which it’s conditioned from institutions and rules. With this knowledge, diversified skillset, and libertarian point of view, he has an interest in all forms of decentralized systems, due to their relevant advantages. As an advocate of individual liberty and economic freedom, Adam is neither an extreme liberal or conservative individual, but rather, a balanced and logical, forward-thinker. As such, his roles at the Lifeboat Foundation and Bitcoin Association of Australia are fitting, for they cater to this perspective of future betterment, and proactive action towards these noble goals.
Adam is also a small business owner and Managing Director at Get Paid In Bitcoin. He helped establish the world’s first ‘Bitcoin Salary’ provider for the general public, and has been involved in the Bitcoin community since spotting its potential in 2011. He has been involved in many additional bitcoin-related undertakings, including, but not limited to: bitcoin mining, trading, education, and speculation. Adam pioneered the inclusion of Bitcoin into the Tasmanian economy, and focuses on education and consultation along its ascent to mainstream adoption.
As if his accomplishments weren’t already too innumerous, Adam is Director of Launceston Launch, a revolutionary economic project, encouraging the formation of a local community based on Bitcoin, the new internet currency. Striving in unison with merchants, local council, tourist operators and businesses, they provide the utmost versatility for Bitcoin balances and expenditures, enhancing the currency’s use/adoption. In culmination with both local and international partners (BitPOS, AirBitz, and vast, unannounced Bitcoin companies), the Launceston Launch has accomplished monumental strides since its October 2014 inception.
Adam continues to consult on both internal issues, and the utilization of the multifaceted potential Bitcoin and blockchain technologies provide, to streamline operations and enhance security.
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