Advisory Board

Ageesen Sri

Ageesen Sri is Cofounder and Executive Officer at SecuraCoin.
SecuraCoin helps Money Service Businesses (MSBs), Retail Businesses (RSBs), and Independent Service Providers (ISPs) offer digital currency services out of their retail locations. MSBs and RSBs operate under their compliance program and licensing to offer a high caliber level of service and professionalism, while ISPs will be able to use SecuraCoin’s infrastructure to help get them get licensing in their jurisdictions as well as use SecuraCoin’s online portal to create profits.
Ageesen comes from a retail and franchise background having successfully founded and operated a print franchise. Lately as VP of Sourcing and Logistics at a multi-national firm that owns over 185 businesses, he gained the insight and contacts to excel in running and growing small to large businesses. With an educational background in Economics and Psychology, he is fully equipped to deal with the market conditions and potential that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have to offer.
Ageesen was previously Founder & Franchise Administrator at 80PRINT, Managing Director at VIVEKA, Graphic Specialist at Ryerson University, and Project Manager at Alterna Savings.
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