Advisory Board

Dr. Aleksandra Drizo

Aleksandra Drizo, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer at PhosphoReduc LLC. She is also Lecturer at Singularity University; Research Affiliate at the University of Vermont; and Adjunct Professor at McGill University, Department of Bioresource Engineering.
Aleksandra has 20+ years of research and expertise in sustainable and creative solutions for water pollution prevention and control. She has worked in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, US, Taiwan, and more recently, Brazil. She holds her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, UK (1998), and has been recognized as a leading researcher in the domain of innovative environmental technologies for phosphorus (and other contaminants) removal from wastewaters.
She is a co-inventor of PhosphoReduc Technologies an emerging technologies for filtering out and capturing of phosphorus (and other contaminants) from every pollution source, using inexpensive, readily available recyclable industrial raw materials.
Aleksandra is known on conference platforms speaking on global environmental challenges including strategies and solutions for water resources management, emerging technologies to improve water quality (while managing the competing demands of water use by different sectors of economy e.g. agriculture versus energy, water footprints, wastewater and nutrients recycling and re-use), adaptation to climate change and growing depletion of natural resources and water/energy/food nexus.
She is an Adjunct professor at several Universities across the US and Canada, and has been a visiting professor at Universities in New Zealand (2004/05), France (2010), and Taiwan (2010).
With over 40 projects implemented and executed across 4 continents, she has extensive experience in local and federal government relations, public affairs and business, penetrating new markets, development and execution of strategy, nationally and internationally.
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