Advisory Board

Alex Fielding

Alex Fielding is Chief Technology Officer, Federal at Power Assure, Inc. He is a founding member of Singularity University at NASA Ames Research Center and coauthor on several patent applications.
Alex cofounded Wheels of Zeus with Apple’s cofounder Steve Wozniak in 2001. Wheels of Zeus was a GPS products company building small, low-cost locator tags for kids, dogs, and high value assets that was sold in a private acquisition in 2006 to ZonTrak.
He started his career as an Engineer at Cisco Systems and Apple. Joining Apple at a time of chaos and reorganization, Alex worked in several groups including Server QA, Network Protocol QA, Server & Network Product Engineering, and as an Engineering Manager.
Shortly after departing Apple, Alex found himself at Exodus Communications working again for Ellen Hancock, Exodus’ CEO who was also Apple Inc.’s former CTO.
He founded secure encryption products company Ripcord in 2004 with former Apple CEO, Gil Amelio, CTO, Ellen Hancock, and founder Steve Wozniak.
Alex is currently on the board of directors of PharmaCapture and CAWEW. He is an advisor to TED MED and WED. He is a donor to UNICEF. He is a former member of MENSA and SVASE. He has been a contributor on several patents including early work on inter-satellite routing. He is a contributing member of two NIST working groups on SCAP.
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