Advisory Board

Alex Thatcher

Alex Thatcher is on the advisory board of the International Space Development HUB (ISDHub) and is an E1 Test Engineer at Hewlett Packard.
He reviews new products with design teams and participates in the development and design test plans for Enterprise level products. He reviews firmware/software functionality on development level, and writes and edits tests for new products.
Alex is also a published author (first published book/copyright, Meat Market, Feb 2006), of award winning short stories such as Under, The Stump, and Skunk Creek. Additionally, he has written, directed, and performed in many plays over the years, and he has just signed up for a weekend role as a producer on Public Access TV. He is a past member of MENSA Process (2010).
Alex also authored ES 1 – Fall: EggShell. Kamron Armour, an A.I. created from the mind graft of a human from the 21st century, is brought back online 50,000 years later by a human with no name except Man O’ War. This “Man O’ War” appears, impossibly, to be a friend from the 21st century, somehow, still alive.
His latest work is Ad Infinitum: The Continuing Adventures of the Infinity Club.
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