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Alexia Idoura

Alexia Idoura is Senior Program Manager at Kudelski Security working in the Global Engineering and Development Operations group, managing global disaster recovery planning as well as a team of agile product owners and a security officer responsible for ISO certification.

Alexia has over 25 years of experience globally in cybersecurity, encompassing the following: disaster recovery, DevOps, agile and waterfall project management, technical program management, product management, change management, content management, team management and professional coaching, and mergers and de-mergers. In 2016, Alexia founded Idoura Coaching as a certified corporate coach, working with both individuals and businesses.

Alexia earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional, Technical, Business, and Scientific Writing from Carnegie Mellon University in 1992 and she earned a concentration in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from American University.

Throughout her career she earned several certifications. Among others are her CISSP, PMP, Specialization in Cybersecurity at the University System of Georgia, and Advanced Corporate Coaching at Corporate Coach U. Alexia completed her Six Sigma Black Belt at Notre Dame College, she earned a Master Certificate in Business Management from Tulane University.

Alexia started her career an intern, hired to write for an advertising agency, but she ended up designing a relational database to monetize stock photos. That was in 1989. She jumped into the steel industry in 1990 where she worked for Davy McKee/Dravo/Comstock engineering company where she was a Training Supervisor for 4 years. During the next three years, Alexia worked as a Technical Writer, first at SEER and continuing at Imonics Corp.

She became a Manager at Seagate Technology where she managed teams of writers for two years when it was acquired by Veritas Technologies and continued to work there for another six years. When Veritas merged with Symantec, she worked as a Corporate Coach, Senior Principal Program Manager and Senior Manager in the Product Development Excellence group under the CTO for another eleven years.

While being involved in all this work, she co-designed and taught a course on working with subject matter experts for the Technical Communication certification program at Duke University. Then, she designed and co-taught a certification course for the Society for Technical Communication, titled Content Management, From Justification to Implementation.

Alexia coauthored several articles and books, and she speaks at conferences. In 2008, she traveled with a professional delegation as a citizen ambassador to China, visiting both businesses and universities.

During 2014–2015, she was a contributor and cocurator for IGNITE: Women Fueling Science and Technology (A Global Fund for Women project.) She also was a mentor for the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, coaching tech women on career paths, startups, and more.

I’ve always been surrounded by STEM. My father was an engineer/ham radio operator. I played on the floor of his radio room and I spent my time with him on weekends poking through bins of electronics at Tandy in Tokyo, where we lived at the time. After he died, when I was still a young girl, my mother could see where the future lay. She worked to get me my first computer, a Commodore 64, and signed me up for a Basic programming class. Thanks to them, I never felt anything but at home around technology — it’s always been a natural fit for me.

Alexia currently volunteers as a coach for a high school Odyssey of the Mind (creative problem-solving competition). She was also the local scholarship chair for her area Mensa group.

Alexia has an insatiable interest in a number of eclectic areas, including the internet of things, Intelligence Augmentation (IA) and machine learning, hackathons, productivity and achievement, lock picking, genealogy, stalking/domestic violence and personal security, IDPA matches, ham radio, and more.

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