Advisory Board

Amin Rigi

Amin Rigi is Director at RTS Lab in Tehran, Iran.
His honors and awards include:

  • Chosen in the First RSI/ISM International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM 2013), robotic competitions (4 robots chosen from 28) — February 2013
  • “Best Concept” in the First National Rescuer Robot congress, Gorgan, Iran — September 2012
  • 2nd Place in the Second National Robotics Week, University of Tehran, I.R.Iran — May 2012
  • 2nd Place in the Second National Robotics Week, University of Shahrood, I.R.Iran — May 2012
  • Chosen for the second round of Business Designers Award Competitions, Sheikh Bahai festival, Esfahan, Iran — March 2012
  • 4th Place in the first Technology, Innovation and Industry Festival for the Automatic Water Sampler robot for wells (out of 6 chosen inventions) Tehran, I.R.Iran — November 2011
  • 3rd place in Robocup Iranopen 2011 International robotic competitions, ROV league — April 2011
  • 2nd place in 2nd Amirkabir and 3rd Khwarizmi International robotic competitions in underwater robot league — November 2010
  • “Chosen team” in first national RC submarine competitions in Esfehan, I.R.Iran — September 2010
Amin earned his degree in Robotics Engineering at Shahrood University of Technology, Iran in 2011.
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