Advisory Board

Dr. Amon Twyman

Amon Twyman, D.Phil. is Founder at Zero State.
Zero State is a movement for positive social change through technology.
They’re a grass-roots world community pursuing smart, compassionate solutions to problems, and improving the human condition.
Personal transformative technologies they pursue include life extension and cognitive & physical enhancement. Social projects include accelerating change, basic income, meshnets, and bitcoin; while lifestyle initiatives explore areas such as the arts, spirituality, fashion, and culture.
Their goal is the establishment of a trans-national, virtual state — the Zero State.
Amon is a cognitive scientist and electronic artist based in London.
As a research psychologist at University College London he studies conscious awareness in decision making and artificial intelligence. His artistic work is primarily in design and electronic music, and he is the founder of industrial/electronic band Xykogen — a prominent group within the UK FuturePunk scene.
Amon earned his BSc & MSc (1st class Hons) in Cognitive Science at the University of Canterbury in 1996 and his D.Phil. in Cognitive Science at the University of Sussex in 2001.
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