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Andrea Kuszewski

Andrea Kuszewski is a Behavior Therapist and Consultant for children on the autism spectrum in Boston, Massachusetts; her expertise is in Asperger’s Syndrome, or high-functioning autism. She teaches social skills, communication, and behavior intervention in home and community settings, training both children as well as parents on methods of therapy. She has conducted workshops for parents, teachers, and therapists on topics such as reinforcement, play, behavior intervention strategies, and generalization.
Andrea works as a researcher with METODO Social Sciences Institute, the US branch of METODO Transdisciplinary Research Group on Social Sciences, based in Bogotá Colombia, investigating the neuro-cognitive factors behind human behavior — this includes topic such as creativity, intelligence, illegal behavior, and disorders on the convergent-divergent thinking spectrum of schizophrenia and autism. She has published papers on the neuroscience of creativity, intelligence, and the analysis of illegal behavior and the creative rule-breaking process.
As well as being a researcher of creativity, she is also herself a fine artist and has been trained in various visual communication medium, ranging from traditional drawing to digital painting, graphic design, and 3D modeling and animation for the medical and behavioral sciences. She has done numerous freelance illustration and creative projects in a variety of scientific fields, including designing and installing a temporary exhibit for CMNH on the Triceratops Horridus.
Andrea is also a science writer and a science communication activist. Her blog, The Rogue Neuron, addresses a variety of current science topics, but is mainly focused on cognitive neuroscience, psychology, and autism. She is a featured writer on Scientific Blogging, and a contributor to IEET.
She coauthored Rule-breaking from Creativity to Illegality: A Trans-disciplinary Inquiry and authored The Genetics of Creativity: A Serendipitous Assemblage of Madness, The Future Of Science In The Next Decade? Transdisciplinary Collaboration, Addicted To Being Good? The Psychopathology Of Heroism, and The blessing or curse of g? It’s all a matter of perspective.
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