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Andrew Kuess

Andrew Kuess is a futurist, herbalist, activist, and artist. He recently published his first book Space Age Arcology: The Cosmic City States Of Tomorrow. The book summarizes the work Andrew did to put together two movements over the last decade and his vision for their future.

In the book, Andrew writes about The Toronto Arcology COOP Project and The STAR Party. The first is a working group intent on organizing support in Ontario to build a real Arcology on Lake Ontario that is self-governing and self-sustainable as a model of a future space colony for up to 1 million residents. The latter is a new upstart political party that has been building momentum since 2015, primarily focused on building the foundations of our Cosmic Civilization (such as Arcologies, and technologies for space colonization) & establishing a road map for the development of a Cosmic model of Direct-Democracy.

As an artist, game developer, and entertainer, he created Starport 420, the Star Captain Dread’s digital arcade and virtual storefront. Starport 420 is host of The Star Captains Blog and the STAR Party International as well as host to the works of artists andeEntertainers from across the known and unknown universe!

Andrew considers himself a brogrammer and dreamer. He has been working under the Alias of Star Captain Dread since 2013, seeking to provide entertainment media and social commentary on the development of three emerging industries, Cannabis, Digital Entertainment, and Space Economics.

Utilizing social media, he has campaigned since February 2015 for the creation of a Canadian Space Party that will seek to advocate to ensure all Canadians benefit from the development of our Space Economy, and advocating for a national strategy for our future in Space.

They also advocate for a craft-friendly cannabis market with fewer restrictions and lesser penalties, than are currently sought by the Liberal Government. The Star Party of Canada has gained hundreds of supporters across the nation and they continue to discuss issues that are on the cusp of the future such as: flying transportation, transhumanist rights, automation in the workplace, universal income, airborne habitats, direct democracy/e-voting, colonization, and more.

They seek to ignite a conversation about the future of our democracy and drive these issues and the debates surrounding their future.

As Game Developer, he created many tabletop board games, including Castle Chess, Key Crusade, Magic Circle, Ninjitsu: Wat of the Clans, Don’t Steal My Cow, Man!, and Treasure ‘N Mutiny. All board games can be demoed at Steam’s Tabletop Simulator, or purchased through The Game Crafter!

As a Musician, Andrew published the music album Quantum Disturbance in 2017 and Quantum Broadcast in 2016 and he continues to work with various talent agencies as a Film Actor showing up in many music videos and as an Extra. Watch Emmanuel Jal (Feat. Nile Rodgers & Chic) – My Power.

Previously, for three years since 2015, Andrew was a Cannabis Retail Manager at Cannabis Culture and in 2014, he was also member of the Provincial Parliament for the Freedom Party of Ontario, where he participated in debates with Canada’s major political parties and earned 240 votes, effectively doubling Freedom Party support.

In 2012, Andrew earned his Video Game Design Diploma from triOS College. After graduation, Andrew joined Xenophile Media as Junior Programmer on the Unity3D Mobile Application and in 2013 he joined WHATCorp, to design and develop Interactive Web browser-based Virtual Tours as a Livefloorplan Developer.

Today, Andrew is trying to make a change from the status quo.

He says:

I see the Government as the operating system of Civilization and as a programmer, my job is to debug and perfect the system to make it work as it’s supposed to.

We’re running on ancient software, and the world desperately needs an upgrade to enhance our democracy, because as is, it is being eroded by corporations in favor of profitability. We need to work on improving, and strengthening our democratic rights, going forward into the future — not just maintain the status quo. The world needs change, and we can’t wait much longer to correct our course, so I seek to pry open a door of Cosmic potential to inspire Canadians, and the World — to aspire to greater heights than we ever have before.

Visit his LinkedIn profile, his Homepage, and SoundCloud page. Follow him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Asgardia, and Twitter.