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Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee is Cofounder and CEO of
Andrew began his career as one of the two original System Administrators of, a major UNIX shell provider. After the company was acquired, he moved to Telemon and finally joined National Honey Almond, Inc (Blunt Wraps, Bluntville Cigars). While at NHA, as the Brand Manager, He helped to accomplish the major feat of establishing Bluntville as the best selling cigar on the East Coast.
In 2009, he built London Trust Media, Inc. LTM is a private holdings company with its largest brand, which he cofounded,, being the world’s leading VPN service provider (as seen on MSN Money, Kiplinger, Lifehacker, Torrentfreak, Business Insider, and more). This was a major feat as the industry now includes major players including Symantec and Boingo amongst others. Andrew has also cofounded and sold many startups, including his most recent: Mt. Gox North America, Inc., which was acquired by Tibanne Co. Ltd. in early 2011.
Andrew contributes to online publications. He recently contributed to FOL which is the online magazine of Rick Falkvinge, the founder of the Pirate Party.
Read his AngelList profile, and LinkedIn profile. Read his blog. Follow his Twitter feed.