Advisory Board

Antony Evans, MBA

Antony Evans, MBA is Founder at Glowing Plant.
Antony is working at designing and creating real glowing plants by adding bioluminescence genes using synthetic biology methods and Genome Compiler software.
He is both a Louis Frank and Oppidan scholar and worked for six years as a management consultant and project manager at Oliver Wyman and Bain & Company. He previously cofounded the world’s first pure mobile microfinance bank in the Philippines and launched a mobile app in partnership with Harvard Medical School.
His specialities include strategic planning, partnership negotiation, product development, retail banking, microfinance, project management, big data, machine learning, ruby on rails, and Android development.
Antony earned his BA in Math at the University of Cambridge in 2001. He earned his MBA in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at INSEAD in 2007. He graduated Singularity University in 2011.
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