Advisory Board

Apurva Jakhadi

Apurva Jakhadi is Space Educator at NASA–Honeywell, Nashik, India and Director at Shree Engineers, India.
Apurva is member of the following National/International Organizations:

  • Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), UN PSA, Vienna, Austria
  • National Space Society, Washington D.C., (NSS) USA
  • The Institution of Engineers, Kolkata, (IEI) India and is Chairperson of the Information Bulletin and handles PR
  • The Institution of Electronics & Telecom Engineers, New Delhi, (IETE) India and is Secretary of IETE, Nasik Sub-Center
  • Computer Society of India, Mumbai, (CSI) India and is Secretary of CSI, Nasik Local Chapter
  • Society of Women Engineers, USA
  • The Planetary Society, USA
  • Space Frontier Foundation, USA
and she is volunteer at World Space Week Association, USA.
Her interests include SETI, SOFIA project, Space Frontier Foundation, Lunar Landings, Mars Exploration & Asteroid Mining/Exploration, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Stargazing, the GNSS Kalam–NSS Energy Initiative, Avionics, Microwaves & RADARS, and Satellite Communication.
Apurva earned her Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Electronics & Telecommunications) at Gogte Institute of Technology (GIT), Belgaum, India. She is a Chartered Engineer (CE).
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