Advisory Board

Ariel Horwitz

Ariel Horwitz is a cryptofinance consultant and entrepreneur. He is Founder and TLW at AlefBit, Community Manager at Israeli Bitcoin Association, and amɃassador at the Bitcoin emɃassy.
Ariel is a young and curious autodidact, currently a very devoted enthusiast of decentralized technologies, specifically the bitcoin blockchain. An expert in the field of cryptofinance, he is involved with several projects in the Israeli bitcoin ecosphere.
Ariel excels at conveying complex concepts in approachable and simple terms, and therefore finds it natural to offer information, consulting, and education in bitcoin and cryptofinance.
AlefBit is a platform for expertise in the exploding field of bitcoin and cryptofinance. The entire platform is offered free and is accessible to the community and the public. AlefBit is also a virtual company issued on bitcoin technology, and hopes to be the premier services and information provider for cryptofinance globally, while building the brand as it has and continues to do so within the Israeli community.
The Israeli Bitcoin Association’s mission is to ensure Israelis can extract and produce the most of the new technology “bitcoin” and other cryptocurrencies.
The Bitcoin emɃassy in Tel Aviv is perhaps the most prominent and important grassroots movement in the bitcoin community in Israel. It serves as a base and physical foundation for social, business, casual, and professional activity in the field of cryptofinance in Israel.
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