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Ashwin Dixit

Ashwin Dixit is a professional programmer and author of How to Kill Bitcoin.
He was recently Senior Perl Developer at; Senior Software Engineer at Live Nation; Senior Perl Developer at SeniorBridge; Linux/Perl Consultant at CVSDude, Australia; Consultant at RadicalFusion; Consultant at Plain Black Corporation; Consultant at Qualys; Consultant at DinnerBroker; Consultant at PhotoBird; Consultant at Clearbuilt Technologies; Consultant at Mountain News; Consultant at Quinn Interactive; Consultant at Isomorphic Software; Consultant at Morgan Stanley; Senior Software Engineer at Certive; Senior Software Engineer at Auctionet; Senior Software Engineer at DoDots; Consultant at JP Morgan; Consultant at Goldman Sachs; Perl Application Developer at Cantor Fitzgerald; and Managing Editor & Webmaster at Engineering Information.
Ashwin earned his B.S. in Computer Science at Stevens Institute of Technology in 1996. In his spare time, he writes sci-fi, draws, and makes electronic music.
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