Advisory Board

Barbara Weathers, M.A.

Barbara Weathers, M.A. is President/CEO at My Job ARC and Director, National Young Professionals Network, Center for Communities of the Future.
My Job ARC prepares individuals for future work in SMART industries which require the individual worker to control his or her personal and professional development staying current in technology, information, and economic shifts, in addition to the ability to use change as a competitive advantage.
S – Science
M – Medical
A – Administration
R – Research
T – Technology
Barbara is a highly innovative educator, leader, strategic planner, and speaker with almost two decades of experience in higher education both as an administrator and professor at private, public, for-profit, and nonprofit institutions. She has created multiple programs, initiatives, and divisions from inception for both academic and business organizations.
Beyond the education realm, she has been involved in the creation of strategic plans for multimillion dollar organizations and done extensive research in the areas of leadership, human motivation, and consumer behavior. Passionately active in community and workforce development, she has served on various committees with chambers of commerce’s throughout Missouri and served as board member for nonprofits such as Women in Need of the Ozarks and the Human Society.
Barbara earned her B.S. in Psychology at the Missouri State University in 1995. She earned her M.A. in Communication at the Missouri State University in 1998. She earned her Graduate Certificate in Social Media at Drury University in 2010.
Barbara received a resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives in 2009 for her work in higher education. Follow her Twitter feed.