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Belinda (Metlitzky) Silbert

South African Soprano Belinda (Metlitzky) Silbert was born in Johannesburg and lived in Pretoria, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem; Brighton and Hove before settling in Cape Town. Belinda is a Futurist and mystic who is a household name because of her television programmes (“Making Contact” SABC 3 and “Your Date with Destiny ETV) and her past regular radio slot on KFM 94.5
She has appeared on “Three Talk” (SABC 3), “Free Spirit”, “The Fat Joe Show”, ETV “Morning Live”, and “The World News”. She had her live show “Cross over and Connect with Belinda” at the Baxter. Radio interviews have included Cape Talk-702, Lotus FM, SAFM, Metro, Radio Algoa, and KFM.
Belinda studied opera at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem, Israel and her mentor was the late soprano Joyce Barker at the University of the Witwatersrand where Belinda was awarded the “Abraham and Olga Lipman Music Scholarship”.
Highlights of 2010: The role of the Hebrew Priestess in “Silence of the Music”, participation in the inaugural Muze Women’s Fest and her show “Hearing Goddess”. Belinda premiered Professor Peter Klatzow’s “Lamento Vocalise” in the latter part of 2010. This work was written for her by the renowned composer.
Specialties: she is entranced by the mysteries of the Universe, Quantum Physics, Technology, Philosophy, Futurism, Transhumanism, Secular Humanism, and “The Singularity”. She has a fascination with alternative futures and the nature of Consciousness and is inspired by the prospect of a post-human era in which we have a myriad of choices as to what form our Consciousness can inhabit: i.e. corporeal, wholly synthetic, digital, or disembodied.
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