Advisory Board

Ben “Fenn” Lipkowitz

Ben “Fenn” Lipkowitz is an independent industrial automation professional in the Menlo Park, California Area. He is the creator of the Societal Engineering Knowledge Database (SKDB) which was created for automated manufacturing and technology dependency resolution.
Fenn’s programming skills include: vim, Python, C, Perl, bash, CVS, svn, git, gcc, make, rs274ngc, autoconf, C++, and Lisp.
His laboratory skills include: sterile techniques, colony isolation, tissue culture, agarose gels, PCR, notebook-keeping, weighing, photospectrometry, titration, immersion microscope, hematocytometer, distillation, column chromatography, southern blot, NEBlot-phototope, gel extraction, DNA sequencing, and sequence alignment.
His manufacturing skills include: inventory management, hand tools, circuit board fabrication, soldering, lathe, mill, measuring, metal casting, pneumatics, carpentry, MIG, TIG, arc, plasma, CNC, fiberglass, resin casting, oxyacetylene, and papercraft.
Fenn earned his Bachelor’s of Science (with distinction) in Microbiology at Indiana University in 2003. He also has informal education in units, actuators, manufacturing processes, control theory, artificial intelligence, space tethers, turbines, rockets, CAM, CAD, kinematic design, self-replicators, and rapid prototyping.
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