Advisory Board

Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt is the CTO of IncentAlign, a startup focusing on using analytics to prioritize and optimize sales forces. He is an advisor or board member of several high-quality companies, and is an occasional angel investor and speaker on technology and entrepreneurial topics.
Prior to IncentAlign, Bill was a founder and/or senior exec at 6 successful software companies, each first and a leader in their space. Five of these were acquired by companies including Oracle, Avaya, and Alcatel for a total of $500m.
Prior roles include CEO of TweetAmigo, an enterprise platform for Twitter; VP of Engineering, Services and Operations at Habeas, the premier email deliverability company; VP of Operations at ClearApp, which took an artificial intelligence approach to managing large scale applications; and CEO of Akaba, the world’s first security scanning company. Prior, Bill managed engineering and services at Internet Devices, the world’s first firewall appliance, and engineering at VPNet, the world’s first Virtual Private Networking company. Earlier in his career, Bill developed important product lines at Novell and has 12 patents to his credit.
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