Advisory Board

Dr. Brad King

Brad King, Ph.D. is Founder & Director, Customer Architecture & Partnerships at Scality.
Scality was founded with the goal of solving a very real and pressing problem of storing unstructured content for the world’s largest email message service providers.
Their mission is to exploit the opportunity presented by the significant trends that lie outside economic reach of traditional file and database storage solutions. These are:

  • an explosion in demand for “unstructured content” storage
  • proliferating terabytes of user-generated content
  • a need for a rational and cost-effective virtualized server storage infrastructure
Scality’s RING Organic Storage™ is the first object-based storage software to deliver the performance required for primary application storage. It easily scales up to exabytes using x86 commodity server hardware with direct attached storage. The organic design creates a system with distributed intelligence which has no single point of failure. As a result, RING Organic Storage is resilient and self-healing, and it implements technology refresh with zero downtime and no data migration. For backup and archive, RING can be deployed in a multi-tier geo-redundant architecture delivering optimal data security for a few cents per GB per month.
Brad began his multifaceted career as a naval architect with the French navy, performing numerical simulations of ship capsize and waves around large ships. He then joined a Schlumberger research lab in Paris for several years, where he worked on turbulent fluid dynamics, laboratory automation, large-scale parallel numerical simulations, and new internet technologies, which included monitoring of NCSA projects (such as Mosaic) funded by Schlumberger.
In 1999, he and a partner started the Paris office of, a provider of email software including Post.Office. After merged with, Brad continued with the new company, Openwave, in a pre-sales position working with fixed and mobile operators throughout Europe, selling messaging solutions, WAP gateways, MMSCs, embedded handset software, and location-based solutions. He joined Bizanga Labs in 2008 as an architect designing messaging security systems and large distributed storage systems. He joined Scality in 2010.
Brad earned his BSE in Aerospace Engineering at University of Colorado at Boulder in 1982. He earned his MSE in Naval Architecture at the University of Michigan in 1984 and his MSE in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan in 1986. He earned his Ph.D. in Naval Architecture (Marine Hydrodynamics) at the University of Michigan in 1987.
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