Advisory Board

Brett Seyler

Brett Seyler is Founder and CEO of Americana Game Studio and Managing Partner at Aleph Naught.
Americana Game Studio is a San Francisco based team of world class artists and engineers with a passion for production quality, attention to detail, and designs that favor collaborative goals, shared spaces, massively concurrent systems, and strategic depth. They build games with massively concurrent shared spaces where groups of players cooperate and compete to achieve group goals with the aim of changing the industry with a new brand of connected game design.
Brett’s academic background is in mathematics and finance, but he’s been in the games industry since 2006 in a variety of roles, from strategy / BD to development management and operations. He joined GarageGames when it was just a couple dozen people. It later grew to well over 100 employees, and sold a majority stake to IAC. He joined Unity at a similarly early stage, and grew the company’s valuation more than 600% in less than 2 years, raising $12M from several firms, including Sequoia Capital, to fuel new growth initiatives.
Brett earned his Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Math at the University of Oregon and did graduate level in Math, Political Science, and Economics from 1999 to 2005.
Watch Designing for Victory Using Strong Social Constructs | Brett Seyler. Read his AngelList profile and his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.