Advisory Board

Brinkley Warren, MFA, MA

Brinkley Warren, MFA, MA is a serial-entrepreneur, innovator, and creative producer committed to starting and serving big ideas that bring us together and make us better in the service of humanity. He has successfully launched projects and products focused on cause-targeted impact, through the application of exponentially advancing technologies. He is also an author, artist, and Fulbright Fellow.
During the last decade, Brinkley has founded or cofounded more than 10 ventures (for-profit & non-profit) across 4 continents. Project/Brands he has cofounded and catalyzed include,, and among others. Brinkley’s current and past ventures operate in fields as diverse as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Personalized Health, Social Advertising, eCommerce, Augmented Reality Gaming, Enterprise Software, Water Innovation, Digital Publishing, Human Genetics, Music Production, Music Education, and Sports Entertainment featuring giant human-piloted robots.
Brinkley’s art has been shown on three continents, and in the words of art critique Martin Patrick, “Brinkley’s work is playful yet serious, controversial yet diplomatic. He showcases complex thinking, an expansive information knowledge base and an obsession with the processes of learning or gaining knowledge. The currency of his oeuvre centers on socially-oriented collective engagement across a series of new media platforms and the associate experiences these generate, typically providing opportunities for participants to take part in communal narratives. Brinkley’s focus is on the power of ideas. The works are in effect propositions to be realized by the audience and their commitment/willingness to participate. All of his works seem to evolve or devolve into bold gestures of vast generosity — each work serving as a reminder to act upon our own imaginative impulses and take charge of our own destiny.”
Brinkley began his career by becoming the youngest producer ever hired by CNN at age 16, and went on to work with Discovery Communications, Clear Channel Communications, Morris Communications, and Cabin Creek Films. He has an MFA in Experience Design, a Masters in Journalism & Advertising, a BA in Mass Communications, and is a graduate of Singularity University at NASA Ames. He is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and is an avid outer space enthusiast.
He has led several community-driven co-creation projects, including the co-invention of which is a product management tool co-created with over 150 lean startup experts from 27 countries. He also created and managed the World’s first Rockumentary Podcasting Series in 2005, attracting an audience of over 100,000 people from 30 countries.
Brinkley is an active non-profit volunteer and startup advisor. His personal website is and some of his art is at Follow his Twitter feed and connect with him on LinkedIn. Watch Kitty Kitty Wi-Fi, and check out