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Cameron Keys, M.S.

Cameron Keys, M.S. is Socio-Technical Integration Researcher at Arizona State University.
Cameron earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University’s philosophy department in December 2005. He attended both the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University and the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University. He was guided to develop rigorous independent study habits at the HTC, America’s only degree-granting tutorial college, based in the tradition of the great universities of Europe.
Upon graduation he was employed as an independent researcher with the Conscious Media Network, in which capacity he traveled the country attending academic conferences. An interest in the reciprocal diffusion of ideas between East and West led Cameron in 2007 to Diamond Mountain University, a first-of-its-kind mixture of traditional Tibetan Buddhist monastic training and comparative philosophy of religion. Post-graduate employments combined with transdisciplinary convictions have led him to develop email correspondences with some of the world’s top scientists and intellectual historians. He considers the authors he reads as part of a global peer group and looks forward to contributing to their fields in a variety of creative ways.
With a detailed, comprehensive vision of cultivating untapped potential, Cameron entered the media-saturated jungles of the Hawaiian island of Kauai in late 2007, where he matured into a gentlemanly conversationalist and polymath-to-be. A production assistant for big budget Hollywood films by day, and bartender by night, he also read voraciously in a variety of academic disciplines, from molecular biology and genetics to software studies and philosophy. He returned to Arizona State University in April 2010 to pursue graduate school in Science & Technology Policy, cultivating relationships in the vibrant intellectual life of Tempe. The exaggerated expectations of mentors help fuel his pursuits.
Cameron developed an academic interest in Socio-Technical Integration Research, a National Science Foundation-funded laboratory engagement project developed at Arizona State University designed to embed social scientists in emerging technologies laboratories. In August 2012 he traveled to Amsterdam to begin filming a documentary entitled Lab Life, produced by Savage Films and directed by Frank Theys. In November 2012 he will travel to Tsukuba, Japan for a three-month laboratory engagement study in the nanotechnology laboratory of Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay at the National Institute of Materials Science.
Cameron also has technical training in creative writing (fiction, nonfiction) at Ohio University, where the poet Mark Halliday once confided that Cameron could become “one of the great ones.” He understands this would require perseverance and efficient planning, visionary insight, and execution.
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