Advisory Board

Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis is a Behavioral Economist and Data Scientist who provides research and advisory services in automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence. His work on robotics and automation has been featured by The Financial Times, Bloomberg, and others.
Colin runs RobotEnomics: Tracking the march of the robot economy. RobotEnomics reviews the changing area of robotics and automation and its impact on our personal and professional life. Technology is meaningless without people — but digital illiteracy is one of the biggest challenges facing the economy.
RobotEnomics content has been described by CNN as the “go to place” for robotics and the economy, regularly featured in the Financial Times, Bloomberg, O’Reilly Media, Quartz, Inc Magazine, Business Insider, and MIT Technology Review, described by famed economist and Professor Brad De Long as a must read, and is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, It has also been discussed and written about by the Chairman of the BBC, European Parliament Ministers and by National governments and others.
Colin’s articles include A chatbot probably did not pass the Turing Test in Artificial Intelligence, More jobs in companies that employ robots, The economics of Amazon’s delivery drones, The cost effectiveness and advantages of Robotic Surgery, Robots may take your job but it could lead to a more humane society, Botsourcing — Robots Are Starting to Make Offshoring Less Attractive, Reigniting the economy with computational thinking, 5 areas in Robotics that will transform society and their economic impact, Why Your Employees Should Be Playing With Lego Robots, and The Ultimate Productivity Hack Will Be Robot Assistants.