Advisory Board

Cristina Ibarra, M.A.

Cristina Ibarra, M.A. is the Head of International Cooperation at the National Commission of Human Rights in Mexico and the Vice President and Executive Chairwoman at The World Academy of Medical Sciences and its Human Rights Studies Division in Netherlands.

At the National Human Rights Commission, she creates agreements with Human Rights organs around the world such as international NGOs, United Nations Offices, embassies, and other National Human Rights Institutions. Cristina has also organized numerous events about Human Rights policy making such as the Right to a Healthy Environment, Challenges of the Constitutional Reform on Human Rights, and the 12th International Conference of National Human Rights Institutions.

Cristina studied Communications and went to Law School at the Technological Institute for Higher Education of Monterrey. She earned her Master’s Degree in the Interamerican System of Human Rights at the Complutense University of Madrid and studied a course on British Law at the London School of Economics.

Additionally, she leads the Human Rights program at The Reprogramming Medicine Association, and she is also a member of the Legal / Ethics Advisory Board at RegenerAge Clinic.

Cristina is the Vice President: Executive Chairwoman of the WAMS Human Rights Studies Division, she is Honorary Member of the Academy, a Member of the WAMS Education & Training Board (ETB), a member of the International Specialty Boards Commission, and a Member of the Academy Faculty at WAMS, The World Academy of Medical Sciences. Cristina is also a part of Legislative Analysis and is Public Policy Coordinator at National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Previously, she was Full-Time Teacher at Bachillerato Alexander Bain, Administrative and Legal Manager, and Law Firm Associate.

As founder and CEO of the integrative health and education initiative, Cristina focuses on providing both face-to-face and online consultation services, focusing on Mind, Body, and Health Nutrition with the aid of Ayurveda.

View her profile at LinkedIn. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Visit her homepage and her company websites at WAMS and CNDH.