Advisory Board

Dan Cohen, M.S.

Dan Cohen, M.S. is an aerospace and renewable energy engineering and management professional. He is currently engaged in consultation on a number of extended and short-term projects in commercial, civil, and defense aerospace, renewable energy, electric vehicles, environment, combustion, spacecraft, and high reliability electronics.
Dan was an on-site consultant to senior management at Lockheed Martin for program management, integration, and engineering execution of the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) for over three years.
He was also program/engineering manager at Bigelow Aerospace, where he was responsible for technical, cost, and schedule performance of a developmental spacecraft for risk reduction of an ambitious man-rated commercial space station complex made from expandable habitats.
Prior to Bigelow, Dan spent four years as an on-site Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) contractor, supporting high risk / high payoff R&D DOD spacecraft program offices. In this role he led a multi-agency group consisting of private companies, academic institutions, NASA, and USAF military and civilian personnel. He was also responsible for space systems business development, and successfully pursued and won multiple space technology development and services contracts.
Previously Dan was the Director of Advanced Space Programs at AeroAstro, responsible for space systems strategic program capture. He was also Program Manager for the TeamEncounter mission, an initiative to develop and fly a 4,900m2 solar sail on an interstellar mission.
At Lockheed Martin Space Systems, he was a Chief Engineer, responsible for engineering management associated with design, development, integration, test, mission, and launch operations associated with high-value commercial geostationary communications satellites. Prior to these assignments, he was the propulsion system architect for a new class of large communications satellites that required design of a new high-performance propulsion subsystem. He earned his BS in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Illinois in 1991, followed by an MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State in 1994.
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