Advisory Board

Daniel Díez García

Daniel Díez García is Analyst, Trader, & Advisor in Bitcoin & Altcoins; European Board Advisor at Cryptor Trust; International seller at eBay; Cofounder and Writer at La Lección del Alumno; and Collaborator at Qué Aprendemos Hoy & We Learn Today.
Daniel discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and started analyzing it since then. In mid 2012 it became really interesting to him and he decided to start trading with his savings. He learned priceless trading skills and made good profit.
As Bitcoin is a high volatility asset, each trade is a challenge, but he loves challenges as he think they’re the best way to find and exploit our potential.
Daniel currently invests in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Quarkcoin, mixing day trading, swing trading, and long term investing methods. He also does consulting work with companies and people.
Daniel was previously Collaborator at Sintetia which is a Spanish leading online think tank of economy, finances, and management.
Daniel is currently completely his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the Universidad de Oviedo.
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