Advisory Board

Dr. Daniel J. Lewis

Daniel J. Lewis, Ph.D. is Senior Research Assistant for the Information Security Research Group, which is part of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Sciences at the Pontypridd Campus (Treforest) of the University of South Wales.
Daniel is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Fuzzy Set Theory, Association Rule Mining, Big Data, and Information Security.
Daniel coauthored Managing Vagueness with Fuzzy in Hierarchical Big Data, The X-μ Approach: In Theory and Practice, and X-μ Fuzzy Association Rule Method, and authored Practical Data Mining of Vague and Uncertain Data and Efficient mathematical processing using Scilab through PHP.
He was previously Community Coordinator, Data Wrangler, and Linked Data Consultant at Open Knowledge Foundation, Senior Web Applications Developer at Helastel, Web Developer at Sift Media, PGT Student Representative at University of Bristol, Technology Evangelist at OpenLink Software, Web Developer at Curverider, Web Developer and Systems Administrator at Lovell Johns, Support Worker at Oxford Brookes University, Research Intern at the KMi at The Open University, Analyst Developer at Lifecycle Software, and I.T./Systems Administration at Electronic Solutions (became The Hub+, now known as eg+ Worldwide).
Daniel earned his BSc (Hons) in Intelligent Systems and Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes University in 2007. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering Mathematics (Intelligent Systems) at the University of Bristol in 2015.
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