Advisory Board

Daryl Tempesta

Daryl Tempesta is Owner of, CEO and Cofounder of 0cog Inc., Swiss Army Knife at Ketera Technologies, and Designer at Scenic View Country Club.
Since reading about Silicon Valley in Wired 1.0, Daryl has been on an incredible odyssey which continues to show him that great minds working together can solve important problems.
Currently he is working to bring opportunities to people who need work throughout the world through collaboration and education using products and resources which are being developed in the companies he is involved with including his company, 0cog inc.
Daryl is finding ways to help humanity by combining creative thinking with technologies with the help of other talented like minded professionals.
If and Singularity University speak to you, you have an idea of where Daryl thinks the most good can be done and where he places his priorities.
Currently he works as a consultant for Ketera Technologies in San Jose, and commutes over 17 inches in a migration pattern that allows him to also serve as CEO for 0cog Inc. in his offices at NextSpace.
The goal of his work is to have a large impact on several important externalities, including the way to work in a environmentally sustainable manner in a new economy.
Daryl earned his BA in Visual Communications and Product Design at the University of Oklahoma in 1994. Read his LinkedIn profile.