Advisory Board

Dave Davies

Dave Davies is passionately engaged in the future of energy and water. He is based in Alberta, Canada.
Dave is Ambassador for and Advisor to Iron & Earth, Futurist in Residence at StrandSmart, Futurist in Residence at p16:7g, and Futurist in Residence at ABDOC.
Iron & Earth is led by oil-sands workers committed to incorporating renewable energy projects into their work scope. They created this organization during the spring of 2015 when oil prices started to fall with accompanying work losses leading to dialogue on the need to diversify the Canadian energy grid dominating job site lunch conversations.
This moment acted as a catalyst to realize a shared vision for a sustainable energy future for Canada, one that would ensure the health and equity of workers, families, communities, economy, and the environment. Iron and Earth was founded as a platform to engage in renewable energy development issues, empowering advocacy for an energy future they could be proud of creating. Membership has since grown to include workers from a variety of industrial trades, including boilermakers, electricians, pipe-fitters, ironworkers, and laborers.
Dave was previously Strategic Innovation Consultant at The10Dot and was a Global Energy Explorer from 1978 to 2014.
Dave graduated Singularity University in 2013.
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