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Professor David C. Hyland

David C. Hyland, Sc.D. is Director, Space Science and Space Engineering Research, Texas A&M University.
Dave joined Texas A&M University on September 1, 2003 as Associate Vice Chancellor of Engineering, Associate Dean of the Dwight Look College of Engineering, holder of the Wisenbaker Chair of Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering in the College of Engineering and Professor of Physics in the College of Science. Most recently, he assumed the position of Director of Space Science and Space Engineering Research for Texas A&M. His current research interests include adaptive control for aerospace vehicle applications.
Prior to his joining Texas A&M University, Dave joined the faculty of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, on May 1, 1996 and served as Professor with tenure and Chairman of the Aerospace Engineering Department until September 1, 2003. During this period, he developed neural adaptive control algorithms for spacecraft control, participated in the first science experiment aboard the International Space Station, and devised the Intensity Correlation Imaging approach to sparse aperture imaging using formation flying.
Previously, at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, (1969–83), he pioneered innovations in re-entry vehicle trajectory and aero-thermal analysis, radar cross-section masker technology, and spacecraft attitude control. As Senior Scientist at Harris Corporation (1983–96), he contributed to advances in large space structure control, adaptive RF systems, and large optics control.
He initially organized and subsequently led the Structural Control Group within the Government Aerospace Systems Division of Harris Corporation. He has served as Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist for numerous research programs for NASA, AFRL, and AFOSR. In February 1992, he was promoted to Senior Scientist and assigned to the Senior Staff of the Vice President of Engineering of the Aerospace Systems Division.
Dave has published more than 200 articles in archival journals and peer-reviewed conferences and holds six U.S. patents. His papers include Compartmental modeling and second-moment analysis of state space systems, The optimal projection equations for reduced-order, discrete-time modelling, estimation and control, Control of a Satellite Formation For Imaging Applications, The optimal projection equations for finite-dimensional fixed-order dynamic compensation of infinite-dimensional systems, and Calculation of Signal–to–Noise Ratio for Image Formation Using Multispectral Intensity Correlation. His patents include Multiprocessor system and method for identification and adaptive control of dynamic systems and Series parallel approach to identification of dynamic systems.
Dave earned his B.S., M.S., and Sc.D. degrees, in Aeronautics and Astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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