Advisory Board

David R. Weinbaum (Weaver), M.Sc.

David R. Weinbaum (Weaver), M.Sc. is currently Ph.D. Researcher at the Global Brain Institute, Free University Brussels (VUB). David is also a researcher affiliated with ECCO group at the Free University Brussels (VUB).
David was an R&D Team leader at Mercury Interactive (1988–1992), Hardware/software engineer at Weizmann Institute of Science (1986–1988), and Senior R&D engineer and group leader at Israel Defense Army (IDF) (1981–1986).
He authored Complexity and the Philosophy of Becoming and The Way We are Free, On the Problem of Free Will.
David earned his M.Sc. Magna Cum Laude, in Electronics and Computer Engineering at Tel Aviv University in 1989.
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