Advisory Board

David Smith

David Smith is Owner of Profit from Bitcoin.
Dave has been interviewed for CBS MoneyWatch and USA Today spreading the word about bitcoin. David owns Profit from Bitcoin, helping retail investors understand the implications of news events about the price of bitcoin. His articles have been featured on Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and Nasdaq. He has created an arbitrage bot,, and is currently working on a peer to peer trading system.
Dave was previously Owner of Moblizd, Director of Business Development at Gravity Works Design & Development, Software Developer at Sonoma Partners, Software Developer at Urban Science, and Programmer Analyst at the State of Michigan.
His articles include State of Bitcoin, Regulation, and Radical Transparency, Bitcoin’s Mainstream Readiness To Be Tested At Workshop, Could Bitcoin Disrupt More Than Finance?, Tim Draper Buys Nearly 30,000 Silk Road Bitcoins, $16.7 Million Government Auction Did Not Cause Panic Selling, Disruption, Advocacy And Regulation: A Weekly Bitcoin Review, and 3 Strategies To Avoid For Bitcoin Investment Success. Read all his Benziga articles.
Dave earned his degree in Telecommunications, Information Technology Management at Michigan State University in 2005.
Visit So What’s Bitcoin? and Go Give Coins. Read his LinkedIn profile. Read his blog. Follow his Twitter feed.