Advisory Board

Professor Deb Newberry

Deb Newberry, MSc is a Professor at Dakota County Technical College, Executive Director for two nonprofit educational organizations, and is a member of and serving on committees within many professional organizations, including: IEEE, ACS, IoP, AAAS, MNBIO, MHTA, MANCEF, and The Foresight Institute. She is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Nano Education (JNE).
Trained as a nuclear physicist with chemical and mechanical engineering minors, Deb spent 23 years in the corporate world as a researcher and in executive management. She has developed methodologies for analysis and testing of radiation on satellite systems with over 14 spacecraft in orbit which she has been involved with.
In 1991 she started working in nanotechnology with NASA studying radiation effects on micro and nanoscale satellites. In early 2001, she left the corporate world and became a nanotechnology consultant, as well as coauthoring a book on nanotechnology. She has spoken to multiple organizations, including the US Senate and Staff, serves in working groups for the National Science Foundation, and has had articles published in business magazines and professional journals.
Deb earned a Masters Degree in nuclear physics and has an extensive educational background in math, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.
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