Advisory Board

Devon Read

Devon Read is Founder & CEO of Blocktech.
Blockchain Technology, or Blocktech, is a full stack startup. They see a new world of possibilities in the invention of the blockchain. They have lofty goals and talented people excited to take them on.
Their primary mission is to shake up industries in need of disruption by hatching new open-source blockchains and blockchain browsers. Their software development team’s first target is the keeping of historical records. Project Alexandria will keep a permanent and unalterable record of the crowd sourced reporting of history.
Devon was previously CEO at Happy Owl Studio, Freelance Digital Artist at Clear Concrete Productions, Editor at The Jim Henson Company, Digital Compositor at Gradient Effects, Compositing/Lighting at The Jim Henson Company, Freelance Compositor at Paramount Pictures, Military Advisor at Gunmetal Group, Graphic Artist/Motion Graphics at LMNO Television, Scout Team Leader/Forward Observer at USMC, Compositor/Editor at Sony, and Technical Support at Electriciti.
Read Blocktech Launches A New Business Model for a New Era of Technology and In response to Senator Manchin. Read his IMDb profile and his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.