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Douglas J. Malewicki, MS

Douglas J. Malewicki, MS is President and Chief Scientist for AeroVisions Inc., a company he founded in 1974 and incorporated in 1980 for the purpose of developing, promoting and commercializing his numerous inventions.
Doug’s current main focus is his super-aerodynamic, lightweight, high speed, low cost SkyTran invention — an on-demand, personalized MagLev transit system. In the early 80s he set two official Guinness World records for achieving over 150 miles per gallon fuel efficiency on cross-country runs at freeway speeds driving his California Commuter. SkyTran will obtain over 200 miles per gallon equivalent while speeding along at 100 miles per hour!
In addition to being a prolific inventor, he is a specialist in the areas of: low-cost design innovation; aerodynamics; engineering structural analysis; automation consulting; and vehicle performance analysis. He has a dozen patents in the fields of aviation, robots, medical, toy, and transportation.
Doug’s more fun inventions include the Robosaurus, a 58,000 pound, fire-breathing, car crushing electrohydromechanical beast which thrilled crowds all over the world for 18 years and the steam powered X-1 SkyCycle canyon jumping rocket which he built for Evel Knievel. He also invented the game Nuclear War which has sold over half a million copies and for which he was inducted in the Game Designer’s Hall of Fame in 1998.
His engineering design and analysis background includes working on the Apollo-Saturn V — man to the moon program, the Cessna Military-Twin Division including working on the Cessna T310Q twin turboprop and the Cessna Citation Business Jet, and working as a Senior Technical Specialist in advanced composites manufacturing for the Northrop Aircraft Company, working on the B-2 Stealth bomber.
Doug earned a Masters of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. He has authored numerous technical papers, several books and a cover feature article for Scientific American magazine. He is a visionary who enjoys creating “impossible” machines. Check out Doug’s web site to learn about the RB-2000 personal rocket belt; the 248 mph “White Lightning” — official world’s fastest electric car; and the “F-18 Jet Bike” — an afterburning jet powered dragster motorcycle.
He become famous early in his career for the Malewicki Equations that predicted the altitude and coast time of a model rocket flight. He is also a skilled craftsman who understands machining, welding, advanced composites manufacturing, plastic injection molding, etc. He understands what can and can’t be built and the economics involved in applying these technologies.
His patents include Combination motorcycle and hang-glider, Three wheeled automobile, Monorail vehicle, Passenger transportation system for self-guided vehicles, Electric powered flying model airplane, Additive cap and snap-on retention ring for medical liquid container, Combination beverage insulator and flying toy, Monster toy robot, and Trailerable robot for crushing vehicles.
Doug earned his BS (with high honors) in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at the University of Illinois and his MS in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering at Stanford University in 1963.
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