Advisory Board

Dr. Edward Hudgins

Edward Hudgins, Ph.D. is Director of Advocacy at The Atlas Society.
Ed is formerly director of regulatory studies for the Cato Institute and editor of Regulation magazine, is an expert on the regulation of space and transportation, pharmaceuticals, and labor. He served as a senior economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress and was both deputy director for economic policy studies and director of the Center for International Economic Growth at the Heritage Foundation. He has testified on many occasions before Congress.
His opinion writing has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Houston Chronicle, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Journal of Commerce, Aviation Week & Space Technology, among other publications. In addition he is the best-selling author of The Republican Party’s Civil War: Will Freedom Win?
He is the editor of Freedom to Trade: Refuting the New Protectionism, Space: The Free Market Frontier, and two books on postal service privatization. He also edited the collection An Objectivist Secular Reader.
Ed has appeared on Dateline NBC, National Public Radio, PBS, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, and Voice of America. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, a master’s from American University, and a doctorate from Catholic University in political philosophy. He has taught at universities in the United States and in Germany. He served as Washington director and then executive director of The Atlas Society before taking up his current positions.
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