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Elad D. Mentovich, M.Sc.

Elad D. Mentovich, M.Sc. is Ph.D. candidate in Physical Chemistry at Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Elad’s Ph.D. dissertation is “Realization of the Molecular transistor Roadmap”.
Even if Moore’s Law continues to hold, it will take 250 years to fill the performance gap between present-day computers and the ultimate computer determined from the laws of physics alone. Molecular nanostructures promise to occupy a prominent role in any attempt to extend charge based device technology beyond the projected limits of CMOS scaling. The aim of his Ph.D. is to discuss the potential of molecular electronics and to identify and solve the fundamental knowledge gap for the successful introduction of molecule-enabled computing technology. Thus, an attempt is made to extend the performance of the current device technology beyond the classical limit and into the quantum regime in which the main characteristics are not only current and amplification but also the nonlinear effects crucial for transistor operation. In doing so, new transport physics of molecular devices will be explored.
Elad coauthored DNA-nanoparticle assemblies go organic: Macroscopic polymeric materials with nanosized features, Doped Biomolecules in miniaturized electric junctions, Multipeak Negative-Differential-Resistance Molecular Device, Large-scale fabrication of 4-nm-channel vertical protein-based ambipolar transistors, 1-Nanometer-Sized Active-Channel Molecular Quantum-Dot Transistor, Bio-inspired synthesis of chiral silver nanoparticles in mucin glycoprotein — the natural choice, High-Yield Fabrication of Molecular Vertical Junctions, Vertically Stacked Molecular Junctions: Toward a Three-Dimensional Multifunctional Molecular Circuit, The Role of Leakage Currents and the Gate Oxide Width in Molecular Transistors, and Efficient Separation of Dyes by Mucin: Toward Bioinspired White-Luminescent Devices.
Elad earned his B.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Physics and Materials Engineering at Technion, Haifa, Israel in 2005. He earned his M.Sc. (Cum Laude) in Physical Chemistry at Tel Aviv University, Israel in 2007 with the thesis “Molecular Devices”.
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