Advisory Board

Elizabeth Florescu, MBA

Elizabeth Florescu, MBA is Director of Research of the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations. She has worked with the Project since 1997 and is coauthor of 2011 State of the Future.
She is the production manager of the annual State of the Future reports, is coauthor of Environmental Crimes, Military Actions, and the International Criminal Court and Analysis of the UN Millennium Summit Speeches, and is one of the principal members of the Millennium Project’s team working on the environmental security monthly scanning reports assessing possible worldwide environmental related issues that might trigger future international regulations and/or modifications to the existing ones.
She also designed and managed the Project’s online Delphi process and is now cooperating with Ted Gordon on the Real Time Delphi. Originally from Romania, she presently lives in Calgary, Canada.
Elizabeth has also lived and worked in Washington D.C. (USA), Montreal (Canada), Budapest (Hungary), and Arad (Romania). She is a graduate of the Romanian Academy of Economic Studies (Bucharest), specialization planning and computer sciences.
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