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Eneasz Brodski

Eneasz Brodski is an author and science fiction writer, born in Poland. His parents moved to the USA while he was still a baby. He grew up in Lakewood, went to Kendrick Lakes Elementary and Green Mountain High School, and lived there right up until he went off to college. He did not go too far though, heading all the way up to the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He is known for Red Legacy, Amazing Man (read it here), Through the Never, Host, and Flee, My Pretty One in Writers of the Future, Vol 34, among others.

Eneasz lived in Denver Tech Center for about a decade, doing accounting work. Now he is back, writing, and living in Lakewood again. He is probably going to go back into accounting soon, but for the time, he is enjoying coming home.

Eneasz has been a writer his entire life, spinning out what amounted to video-game fan fiction back when he was in second grade. He spent more time with books than with children of his age. He was stifled for a while by his parents, who didn’t approve of genre fiction, but he moved passed that and is writing again.

His earliest influences were probably Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, who wrote morally-ambiguous characters appropriate for his age. The cyberpunk authors were a huge influence on him, particularly Gibson. He still maintains that Hal Duncan’s Vellum is one of the greatest science fiction works of my generation.

Recently, his biggest influences have been Paolo Bacigalupi, Peter Watts, and Eliezer Yudkowsky. They all produce rather “thinky” fiction, and the first two are very grim. He has a soft spot for the darker, grimmer side of science fiction.

Eneasz has tried more optimistic writing, but so far everything that he has done and published is of a darker nature. He tends not to stick to one genre, having sold short stories in alternate history, fantasy, science fiction, and near future.

His Writer of the Future award made him holler a victory cheer. Due to the level of esteem the award has in science fiction circles, it counts as a pro-sale for SFWA (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America). They require three professional sales to join, and this was Eneasz’ third one.

Eneasz was laid off at the end of 2016, and it was than that he decided to finish his novel that he had started a while back. It took him most of the year to finally finish it.

While he is working on his second novel, he is restarting his fiction podcast (“The Methods of Rationality”), at And taking up an accounting job again, to pay the bills. He is hard working, very sharp, and quick to adapt.

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View his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Visit his rationality homepage, his blog Death Is Bad, and his Fiction page. Check out his posts at Curious Fiction.