Advisory Board

Enrique Posner

Enrique Posner is Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer, & New Business at The IOU Project. He is also Investor at Maison Raasta, on the Board of Directors at Cyvek, LLC, and Producer at Kandor Graphics.
Enrique is an entrepreneur with a wide range of eclectic interests, and several ventures to his credit.
He has worked extensively in media, telecom, and technology. In the past Enrique has worked as a Producer and financier with a variety of high profile filmmakers including Pedro Almodovar and Roman Polanski. Between 2001 and 2007 he served as Managing Director of Warner Bros Pictures International Spain.
Enrique produced the short film, The Lady and the Reaper, which received an Academy Award nomination in 2009 for Best Animated Short Film.
He is a founding shareholder and board member of Cyvek LLC, a biotechnology company designing tools and technology in the field of Proteomics.
He most recently cofounded and spends most of his time on The IOU Project, an innovative online apparel and accessories retailer that combines technology, storytelling, and centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship, to disrupt the normal production and retailing practices in the clothing business, in the process substantially improving the lives of craftsmen in India and in Europe. Watch The IOU Project – Introduction.
Enrique earned his BS in Communication Studies at Northwestern University in 1986.
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