Advisory Board

Erez Livneh, M.Sc.

Erez Livneh, M.Sc. is Founder and CEO of Vecoy Nanomedicines Ltd.
Vecoy Nanomedicines Ltd. is a nano-medical company that is working on the treatment of viral infections. Erez believes the scientific and medical implications of this technology may be of great interest to the Lifeboat Foundation, as he identifies viral pandemics, to date, as the largest threat to the safety of the humankind (surpassing global warming, terrorism, war, and pollution).
In a nutshell, he intends to develop nano-scale virus traps that mimic host cells and lure and inactivate viruses that mistakenly approach them. This nano-medical approach is essentially different than existing anti-viral treatments.
Erez was previously a R&D scientist in the drug discovery team at Predix pharmaceuticals, a bioinformatician and DB designer at Evogene, and a bioinformatician in the AgBio team at Compugen. He was also a professional popular science blogger, lecturer, and technology coordinator at the Davidson Institute of Science Education.
Erez earned his B.Sc. in Biology at The Hebrew University in 2001 and his M.Sc. in Biology and Bioinformatics at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2004. He graduated Singularity University in 2010.
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